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International Football Alliance Reaches Broadcast Agreement with Right Now TV



The International Football Alliance and Right Now TV will broadcast games, coaching clinics, and team tryouts over the air and via multiple streaming platforms.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for the International Football Alliance.”

— Jason Adams, IFA Director of Operations

ATLANTA, GA, USA, January 23, 2024 -- Right Now TV and the International Football Alliance (IFA) have reached an agreement that grants Right Now TV rights to televise all IFA games of the league's inaugural season, set to kick off in June of 2025. Right Now TV, a US-based television network dedicated to sports and men's interests, will broadcast the games to all its affiliates over-the-air for free. The network will also distribute the games through all of its streaming partners, which will make games available for free online worldwide. This is not an exclusive broadcasting deal, this only enhances the viewership and broadens the assessability for the fans.

The International Football Alliance is a new spring professional league with teams located in the United States and Mexico. The league aims to kick off in 2025 with ten teams. Each team will feature 53 players, and 40 active travel players per week. Teams are limited to 30 American players, with the rest required to be from Mexico or other international countries. The league is committed to promoting and developing football infrastructure across Mexico.

"We have always had a passion for football here at Right Now TV. Our viewers can't get enough of football, so we are thrilled to partner with the IFA to make this new international league a reality," said Right Now TV CEO Rob Coker. "This is legit 11 on 11 outdoor pro football in great venues. We can't wait for it to kick off."

"This partnership represents a significant milestone for the International Football Alliance as we strive to bring the excitement of our league to fans around the world," said Jason Adams, Director of Operations at IFA.

In addition to broadcasting regular and postseason games, Right Now TV will broadcast and stream coaching clinics and team tryouts, providing an inside look at the development of players, coaching strategies, and the overall growth of the league provided by the IFA. This behind-the-scenes access is designed to give fans an opportunity to bond with the league's players and coaches, discover the teams, and develop an early appreciation for the league's unique brand of football.

About Right Now TV:
Right Now TV is a leading global network dedicated to sports and entertainment. With a diverse range of content and a commitment to quality, Right Now TV delivers thrilling experiences to viewers worldwide.

About International Football Alliance:
The International Football Alliance is a premier football league that brings together top talent worldwide and competitive teams from around the United States and Mexico. Committed to excellence, the IFA aims to elevate the sport through innovation, inclusivity, and a passion for the beautiful game.

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