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  • What is The International Football Alliance
    The International Football Alliance (IFA) is a professional, outdoor, 11-man American football summer that will operate internationally in both Mexico and the United States that kicks off the season June 2025.
  • Do players get paid?
    Yes, players get paid $400.00 per game, with active QB's making $1500.00 per game.
  • Will the league have only americans or will there be players from other countries on the teams as well.
    This is an International league with teams located in both the United States and Mexico. Our teams will carry all nationalities.
  • How old do you have to be to play?
    This is an adult professional league and require the players to be 18+ to be consider for player contracts.
  • Do players need passports?
    All of our contracted players need a valid passport due to travel restrictions.
  • Will games be televised?
    All of our games will be televised, on air, cable and streaming services to ensure our fans are able to enjoy all the action.
  • When does the season start?
    Our league will kick off June 2025.
  • How many teams are in the league?
    We currently have 8 , the league is looking to add two more teams either in the United States or Mexico for a total of 10. Each team is individually owned
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